About the webinar

If your business is going all-in on Kubernetes, you need an environment that you can operate at scale. But as you build out your operating model you've probably discovered that there's no single best-practice approach to the underlying Kubernetes architecture.

The reality is you have many design decisions to make that will shape how your operating model functions every day: from how you give development teams access to clusters, to the approach you take to scaling applications. And the right answer varies from use case to use case and from user to user. 

In this webinar, Tyler and Sheldon will explore the decisions you need to make around cluster size, governance, access controls and day 2 operations, drawing on best practices from real Kubernetes users and sharing the implications you need to consider along the way. Finally, we’ll demonstrate some of the relevant features of Palette and how it can help!

What you'll learn

  • How the design of your Kubernetes environment impacts your operating model
  • Which approach is right for you: big clusters or small, single- or multi-tenant
  • Why role-based access control matters (a lot) and how to manage ops and dev access
  • Best practices for multicluster management
  • The importance of day 2 operations, including upgrading, scaling, backing up, cost and quota control
  • The salesy part: how Palette can help you bring everything together

We’ll also share an exclusive sneak peek at a unique new capability for running multiple clusters without adding complexity. Don’t miss it!

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